October 11, 2007

I’m bored…

ps-1: download CS1.6 – finished; realize that you don’t have a mouse and that only mangla can play CS well with a touchpad ..
ps0: start download of 7 GB of House.

ps0.5: realize its too big and cancel.

ps1: Blog

ps2: read blogs.

ps3: decide not to get a haircut.

ps4: ps3 => grow long hair.

ps5: read more blogs, land on rao’s blog…look at his current state and decide against ps3 and ps4.

ps6: open baba’s blog..goto the comments area.. if baba is being targetted, write anti-baba stuff.

ps7: ??

ps8: do some random project work

ps9: stare at the monitor.

ps10: eat chips.

ps11: try to fix cycle tire, get a small cut on the finger.

ps12: tryย  to cook, realize that water and really hot oil is a bad combination.

ps12.5: think of resorting to iv’s advice on ‘food’ advice.

ps13: watch movies. (watched knocked up the other day, it was decent)

ps14:ย  goto footytube and see football videos..

ps15: think of mythalez’s comment in the previous post and plan the next ps accordingly.

ps16: soccer videos in youtube are decent.

ps17: loose interest.

ps18: this is the end !! (blog ppl, blog)


why are squirrels so “fluffy” ?

October 7, 2007

yup..thats right. Generally speaking, life in the US ain’t that different than life in India. But some things are really, really strange – The sun sets only at 8:30 in the night, the nearest store/walmart is not near at all and yes..the squirrels are pretty fat fluffy. Now of course, I’ve gotten used to fact to seeing a fat bunch of squirrels on the way to the college. These squirrels are actually pretty scary too. Now, if I were in India, I would have probably walked past the squirrels saying ‘awww….’ and maybe throw a stone or two at them and see what they do. Now of course, I seem to have entered the squirrel mafia territory with tough, fluffy, don’t care, not scared squirrels who keep sneaking up on me, giving the uncomfortable feeling that someone might be following you.

ps1: yesterday was garba and I chose to goto soccer instead ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .. sources tell me I missed a lot (if you know what I mean) and I am sad.

ps2: I now realize that I should not have done something more productive than blog.

ps3: pati should change the theme of his page again. It doesn’t look good in htmlview/elinks.

ps4: Saw ‘Good Luck Chuck’, Oceans 13 and other films the other day. They are all decent. Would still rock if something like LOTR came along. Bourne Ultimatum is good though.

ps5: Current TV shows being followed include Heroes, Chuck, Life, 30 Rock (guest star was Seinfeld in the previous episode)……

ps6: I am not vella.

ps7: Very good soccer videos at youtube.

ps8: Some good songs/soundtracks,

John Powell – waterloo , John Powell – man vs man (from the Bourne soundtrack)

Moby – extreme ways (also in the Bourne soundtrack)

Fort minor – high road

KC & The Sunshine Band – Boogieman (in the Superbad soundtrack)

ps9: I keep saying ‘toodles’ instead of ‘bye’ now – fker iv !!

ps10: Corrs’ Only when I sleep and Moby’s Life me Up can keep playing in your head for a long time no matter what, ask iv !!

rain, rain ..come again…huh, I didn’t even finish !!

September 14, 2007

Atlanta’s weather seems to be making some serious jumps towards becoming pleasant. Rain keeps coming arbitly and the weather suddenly changes to gloomy skies. I would love to post some pics but I am in linux (unfortunately?) and I haven’t got my laptop cam to work yet, well haven’t tried to get it to work, well haven’t really checked whether it works in linux. I’ve been repeating the usual routine with deadlines for some assignment or the other almost everyday. (Nothing can beat the assignment routine we had in the first year at IIIT though ๐Ÿ™‚ , hail IIIT ). Been reading blogs regularly on blogroll for quite some days (thank you smr). Also, went to a temple recently (thank you india club) – it’s supposed to be the biggest one in North America when the construction finishes, was very ordinary though and too silent for a temple.

*desides to resort to PS’s for comfort.

ps1: Watched transformers, hey baby (and bye forever baby), superbad recently. Superbad is a decent(not to be taken literally) movie, reminded me of the time I saw euro trip and such movies. (ah, good ol’ times).

ps2: next on the list is rush hour 3 and balls of fury (rofl) .

ps3: its raining really heavily now, if this had happened three months back, I would be in the football ground.

ps4: crime rate has increased near the university, its time for some vigilante justice ……….of course, i’m not the vigilante !!

ps5: this is the end !!

ps6: Also, football videos on youtube are decent !!

keep it coming…

August 28, 2007

I was never good with titles. Anyways, thats the song I am listening to right now and hence the title. Things have changed since my last post. My first entry to the US has been pretty smooth so far with a lot of nostalgic feelings now and then. Lots of differences between the way both India and US work; die-hard 4 for example seemed to over-portray the country’s dependence on technology but it doesn’t hit you until you land here that the possibility of that happening is pretty high. Anyways, the place is pretty much like India except for the fact that there is day-light even at 8:00 in the night (wouldn’t that be awesome for football ?? ) . Food seems to be the main problem here since the nearest grocery shops (read : walened for a while(mart and indian stores) are at a not-so-comfortable-to-walk distance. Parrupu-podi (nothing mexicanย  about it, its tamil ๐Ÿ˜› ) seems to be saving me (a lot) for the time being.

Coming to the more interesting point of the post, there are plenty of chicks to gawk(in a subtle manner of course, you don’t want to look desperate ๐Ÿ™‚ )ย  at here. Am getting quite lazy and hungry and hence will continue later…..

ps1: (advice) stay at IIIT-H as much as possible, life doesn’t get more comfortable.

ps2: (more advice) damn the samosa guy !! really miss the samosa+ tea + family guy combo.

ps2(1/2): really miss CS, BF2, Dota…..; CeG Rox !!

ps3: Lack of work experience can sometimes hurt you while applying for RA positions.

ps4: Hope to see some familar faces next fall/spring.

ps5: asimov==awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

rabbit !!

July 19, 2007

ย ย ย  Its been quite some time since I had anything to write about. I still don’t.. just making sure that the blog doesn’t end in itself !! Been awfully busy and jobless at the same time the past few days because of the sudden increase in shopping for people I ‘may’ meet in the future.

Also saw fantastic four, shivaji, chennai 28, and other blah movies. The fantastic four experience was funny with the intermission coming at the 45thย  minute. Shivaji is decent – not like the previous rajini movies. However, Shriya’s presence makes up for the disappointments in the movie.ย  Chennai 28 is decent ( it seemed to be over-rated though)ย  with lots and lots of ‘machi’ in the script.

ps1: life is moving at a very slow place.. waiting for the day I get to connect to some good CS servers on the net.

ps2: hilarious pics on iv’s and pati’s latest post.

ps3: The external USB case for my SATA hard-disk didn’t work ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

ps4: got interviewed by the cute-Indianย  at Chennai for my visa.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ She is really ga-ga’ish!!

p s5: This is the end !!

decision time yet again :)

May 8, 2007

The Grad scene:

I’m finally done with getting the required documents here at IIIT. Lot of things have happened since my last post. I’ve got three admits now – gatech, ufl and umn. However, it seems to be tough deciding where to go since UFL is offering a very good discount on the tuition fee. The situation is so confusing that even the graduate studies counsellor at IIIT (this means you , fauji) is having a tough time deciding where I should go. Hopefully,I’ll get to meet some important people in the coming month who can help me decide.


In other news,

ps1: The stray dog menace still seems to be there at IIIT and so is anand’s ๐Ÿ™‚ .

ps2: Aziz says I need to get a haircut because I’m starting to resemble iv. ๐Ÿ˜€

ps3: Football is fun, its gonna come to an end though :(.

ps4: People born during the libra time are librarians ๐Ÿ™‚ ; sriram’s aura is still there in the wing.

ps5: Was thinking of making a ug2k3 gamers list, but it turns out that people have too many names in too many games. If only halley were a gamer, the list would have been made by now.

ps6: I’ve been sleeping late these days. Lots of speculations because of this.

ps7: Lots of people want to learn to whistle.

ps8: Congratulations to the IIM crackers.

ps9: Was fun singing Happy B’day to Shamanth at Ohri’s the other day.

More later, ciao !!

Getting an admit – is it easy ?

April 5, 2007

I’ve started to hate the word “regret” – Me

I was actually gonna wait for iv to finish his post about the universities, but I’m kinda loosing my nerve. Anyways, got my first two rejects after a long wait from Vtech and Irvine. The worse part is I had applied to these universities for my masters thinking that it would be easier getting into the masters programme rather than the PhD one. The reason for the anger is however the fact that no university mentions where you actually failed to make it.

I’ve got only four univs(ufl,umn,gt,usc). left now, three of which are ranked better than the ones where I got the rejects from. Fauji also keeps telling me that usc doesn’t give any aid to masters students. An important lesson here to people who are gonna apply to USC. Always apply to the Phd programme there. If anyone (this means you – yarji) can do anything to improve my chances of getting into a place with aid, please go ahead.

Digressing, life at IIIT is almost coming to an end. iv & co, are giving the farewell speech. Went to my last class yesterday only to find peesu absent. What happened to the first bench plan ?

ps1: Admissions thingy pissing me off.

ps2: If the FBI wants a piece of me, I dare them to first get through baba,aziz,monga and iv (cus its fun watching you get hit).

ps3: Other Univs seem to have an unfair advantage over IIIT in terms of reputation abroad. I think its time the Profs do something about this (get me in a good place); otherwise there are hardly gonna be any iiit’ians in the academic field.

ps4: Do I regret studying at IIIT ? No.

ps5: ciao ppl…

ps6: This is the end. (unless I hear the word I hate again)

Graduate admissions…the tag !!

March 11, 2007

Its been quite a long time since my previous post. One reason could be the fact that I have been busy the past few months. Anyways, I am still waiting for the graduate admission results. The guys at the universities seem to be taking a hell lot of time to review the applications. I assume they are searching for the logins on orkut and going through the profile to get an insight into their candidates. If this happens though, only a miracle can get me in one of the univs.

The tag:

One thing you are afraid of

The green thing (refer previous posts)
Two unforgettable incidents

Getting into IIIT and the fun@Felicity’07.

Three books

——–not applicable——— ๐Ÿ™‚

Four beautiful women

Scarlett Johansen, Monica Belucci, Elisha Cuthbert, Aishwarya Rai

Five Fooditems

Ragda, Bhel Puri ,ย  Paneer, Bindi, Donda ๐Ÿ™‚
Six oft used words

ye ye ye, asimov, nonsense, HUHA (yeah baby)

Seven things awesome about me

————-memory overflow———–

Film personalities (Eight)

Tom Hanks (pure brilliance), Al Pacino, Tom Cruise (amazing performance in Rain Man, A few good men), Dustin Hoffman, Kamal Hassan …..sorry, no more !!
Movies nine

Green Mile, Rain Man, Anbe Sivam, ……there are too many.

Music ten

Lift me up, Porcelain, Bitter sweet sympony,Ruby Tuesday, Gimme shelter, Chinnamma Chilakamma ๐Ÿ™‚ , Posthumus- cuzco, Campione, PF – Learning to Fly, PF – us and them..

List of jobless souls tagged by me:

anand, monga, shamanth, peesu, elisha cuthbert !!

ps1: ug4 mailing list is busy

ps2: halley is sick

ps3: ramji rox

ps4: himanshu and anuraj also rock

ps5: I also rock

ps6: awaiting graduate admission results, pray for me pls ๐Ÿ™‚

ps7: more later

ps8: This is the end !!

caution !! sucky days ahead!!

December 6, 2006

yeah, thats been my status on yahoo for over a week now. A note of advice before I start this post (heck,this was what the post was supposed to be about) – The process of applying for an MS in american univs. sucks more arse than it can actually take. To make matters worse, I’ve just realized that the university web-sites are very misleading in terms of deadlines. For example, while the graduate admission deadline in the grad page of a university is somewhere in january, the line following this mentions that each department might have a different deadline. So, here I am sitting in my wlan enabled room waiting for pages to load slowly. Annoying me more are the constant time out’s in the “ping” terminal.

Placement season has also started here in IIIT. Contrary to popular beliefs, I ain’t studying for the placements seriously. One reason could be the fact that I am not looking for a job at this point. Anyway, my best wishes to all job aspirants.

ps1: I suddenly lost all interest to continue this post.
ps2: football finals tomorrow – agni V prithvi ; hope agni wins atleast once in the four finals faced.
ps3: whose line seems to be my only reprieve !!
ps4: I have decided to leave my fate to the gods
ps5: My last sem was “supposed to be light” i wish, I could repeat the third sem !!
ps6: dinner at obh, first floor sux.
ps7: Saw bb finals – agni V aakash comments.
ps8: This is the end !!

A post devoted to cs !!

November 21, 2006

No matter how much I try to resist playing this game (for ungyani ppl CS stands for Counter-Strike) , I always end up giving in to my desires. Its been over a week since I have gone to the lab (for people like me, its a long time) which probably explains why the urge to play the game has increased to epic proportions. It started off at the end of the first semester I guess; age was very [very,very..] popular then and I still remember walking back to OBH after a long session of age at 2:30 in the night. We (atleast me) got the first glimpse of CS in the then ug4 lab. It was beautiful watching a game which actually required so much team-work and attention. The first cs game I’ve played consisted of three people in the then favorite cs_siege map. This was however a nightmare considering that Obelix had played the game before and was hence seen sniping the hell out of me and rexisgod. Anyway, CS is awesome these days considering the type of shots people hit.

ps’s devoted to cs:

ps1: the post was supposed to be longer one but I don’t have the patience to write more.

ps2: The best tourney so far was the one conducted by Majj , It was just awesome considering that it was the first serious, clan based gaming tourney I had played.

ps3: The best CS video in WLAN is “team-eolithic.avi” [ its hard to resist playing the game after you’ve seen this video]

ps4: For beginners, I recommend watching demos/videos (demos extension is .dem) of this game to improve their performance. (ps : master deagle, maverick, ak47, clarion, defender, sniper )

ps5: I don’t regret playing the game, came to know a lot of people because of this game.

ps6: yet to see an all girl iiit clan.

ps7: two and a half men is a decent series.